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Arts of Devotion

Chakra Jagannath

Chakra Jagannath

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Introducing the Chakra Jagannath Pendant, a stunning creation crafted for those who seek divine connection and superior craftsmanship. Handcrafted from 92.5 sterling silver, this pendant features the vibrant and iconic face of Lord Jagannath, brought to life with intricate enamel work. Each color on Lord Jagannath's face is meticulously applied, capturing the vibrant essence of this revered deity and making it a unique piece that radiates spiritual energy and devotion.

Experience the exceptional quality of our jewelry, designed to honor the devotion and spiritual dedication of every wearer. Our gold-level casting in silver brings out the most intricate details, ensuring each pendant is as unique as your faith. Embrace your spirituality with this pendant, a symbol of divine protection and benevolence.


  • Material: 92.5 Sterling Silver
  • Centerpiece: Enamel-painted face of Lord Jagannath
  • Design: Iconic and vibrant, perfect for spiritual devotion
  • Quality: Gold-level casting in silver
  • Uniqueness: Handcrafted and one-of-a-kind
  • Style: Intricate and spiritually significant, ideal for devotional elegance
  • Dimensions: 30mm wide, 40mm tall, 5mm thick
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