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Arts of Devotion

Rajapur Jagannath

Rajapur Jagannath

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Experience the divine charm and vibrant colors of the Rajapur Jagannath with this exquisitely handcrafted pendant. Made from premium 92.5 sterling silver, this pendant captures the joyful and benevolent essence of Lord Jagannath. Adorned with bright hues and intricate details, it showcases the unique artistic heritage and spiritual significance associated with Jagannath.

The pendant features a beautifully detailed face of Lord Jagannath, complete with expressive eyes, an ornate headdress, and traditional jewelry embellishments. Whether used as an ornament of worship or a striking piece of jewelry, this Rajapur Jagannath pendant is a testament to fine craftsmanship and devotion. Embrace its vibrant energy and exquisite design, perfect for any occasion.

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