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Arts of Devotion

Yogananda Narasimha

Yogananda Narasimha

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Introducing the Yogananda Narasimha Pendant, a powerful symbol of divine protection and spiritual strength. Crafted from 92.5 sterling silver, this remarkable pendant showcases the fierce and revered form of Lord Narasimha, a deity known for his strength and protection.

The pendant features a Shanka and Chakra on each side of Narasimha's head. Atop Narasimha's head is a beautifully detailed Kirti Mukha, representing glory and acting as a guardian against negative energies. The meticulous craftsmanship in the Kirti Mukha enhances the pendant's overall majestic appearance.

The intricate detailing of the pendant captures the formidable essence of Lord Narasimha, making this piece a perfect blend of artistry and spirituality. The expressions and adornments are carefully crafted to bring out the deity's divine aura and strength.

Available in two sizes, the Yogananda Narasimha Pendant is suitable for any occasion, whether for personal devotion or as a statement piece. Its versatility adds a touch of elegance and divine power to any attire, making it a valuable addition to your jewelry collection.

Embrace the divine energy and protection of Lord Narasimha with this stunning pendant. Each piece is a testament to fine craftsmanship and spiritual devotion, designed to inspire and uplift your spirit. Let the Yogananda Narasimha Pendant be a constant reminder of strength, protection, and divine grace in your life.

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